Uganda – of Gonoleks, Piapiacs and Plantain Eaters

Traveling again? Galavanting with Kathryn Costello

A Kampala hotel terrace with a view of Lake Victoria.

I got onto to the Entebbe bound plane in Johannesburg, feeling like I had a run a mini marathon.
I had specifically booked a flight from to Durban to Johannesburg many hours ahead of my flight to Entebbe, just in case of things going wrong. Which was just as well. My Mango flight was delayed, then cancelled several hours later. I was put on another flight, which was also cancelled. Fellow passengers were muttering that it had been done deliberately by the company, because the flight wasn’t full. I went to the airport authorities to say that I wasn’t impressed. If I missed my flight, I would miss a whole itinerary, and I would hold them responsible for all costs. I was put on another flight pronto, and arrived at Johannesburg well in time to catch the Entebbe flight. I…

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By Kathryn Costello

I travel. I read. I get up to mischief. I write about what I have been up to. I also have fun writing down the stories that I told my daughter when she was little about a dolphin named Michaela. I am a tourism consultant. Owning and managing a successful guesthouse, working for tourism organizations and travelling has given me a lot of insight about what makes a tourism orientated business successful.

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